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Have You Filed Your Form 5500?

How to file

The July 31st filing deadline has come and gone. Did you file an extension? If you’re not sure, check with your TPA. 

We are just one month away from the extended filing deadline, October 15th. Have you filed yet? Beginning January 2010, all Form 5500’s are required to be submitted online through the Department of Labor’s EFAST2 Filing Program.

For our clients who have already submitted, the process has been taking a few days. So the key this year is to submit early to avoid penalties. 

Check filing status

For E-filed returns, the individual who transmits the 5500 or the signer of the return can check the filing status, using the software used to submit it, as soon as 20 minutes after submission.

Anyone can check the filing status of any 5500 for any plan year using the EFAST2 Help Line at 1-866-463-3278. The caller will need the EIN of the Plan Sponsor, the Plan Number and the Plan Year.

Jill Smith