A Time to Reflect

Demystifying Valuation, Economic Damages + Forensic Accounting

We just rang in the New Year, 2015, and it is now a time for reflection on 2014. First and foremost, I wish to thank all the clients we served during the past year. Henry & Horne ’s Business Valuation and Litigation Support Services Group (H&H BV/LS Group) provided forensic, valuation and litigation services to more than 200 clients during 2014. This included business valuations for a variety of purposes: the litigation environment, damages analyses for litigation purposes, and forensic accounting services in fraud and litigation matters, among others. Thank you for your patronage.

I would also like to thank the many referral sources for your confidence in our ability to deliver high-quality forensic and valuation services. This includes attorneys, other CPAs, bankers, colleagues, financial professionals and clients. Without your referrals, we would not be in business. Thank you for the numerous referrals you have made to the H&H BV/LS Group during 2014.

I cannot forget to thank my co-workers. We are one of the largest forensic and valuation service groups in the Valley. Each of you brings a unique personality, background and experience that contributes to making the H&H BV/LS Group work environment collegial and enjoyable. Your individual strengths enhance the qualities of the other members and the H&H BV/LS Group as a whole. Your hard work and dedication to quality work contributed significantly to our success over the prior year.

No doubt, 2015 will bring challenges. However, with great clients, wonderful referral sources, and a strong core group of dedicated forensic and valuation professionals, the H&H BV/LS Group will be ready to meet them.

Happy New Year!

Steve Koons, CPA, ABV, ASA, CFF