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Accounting careers: what do auditors do?

auditors, audit, CPA, careersThere are a lot of misconceptions about Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). Most people associate CPAs with taxes, crunching numbers, cubicle isolation and monotonous tasks, among other things. However, quite the opposite is true. CPAs have a wide range of career paths, can hold a variety of positions throughout all types of organizations, work in all types of environments and have endless opportunities. One of those professions can be auditors in public accounting.

Performing financial statement audits is time consuming and, therefore, typically requires a team. As such, the majority of time is spent working on projects in teams at client sites. Clients can be local, in another state or international. Whether traveling down the road or out of town, it is a great opportunity to see new places and build comradery with coworkers hitting up new lunch spots, grabbing happy hour after work or checking out local events.

A team of auditors consists of all types of skill levels, from intern to partner – all with specific roles and responsibilities. While there is a lot of team work, there is also a lot of individual responsibilities; as a result, all team members have the opportunity to take ownership of the project. All projects are unique and have their own complexities; accordingly, work is rarely the same week to week. There are always new and challenging projects to keep each day interesting.

More than just taxes: what do accountants do?

For more reasons than one, auditing is a great starting point to launch a career. It gives you the opportunity to work with all types of organizations, whether large or small, across all types of industries. You get in-depth exposure to all aspects of an organization’s financial systems, as well as staying current on the ever-evolving financial standards and regulations. Further, you have the opportunity early on to manage projects and take leadership roles within your firm. All these opportunities provide value to your career, whether continuing in public accounting or entering the private industry.

Overall, the audit profession can be complex, but it is a rewarding and fun career. While not exciting on the surface, there is much more to a career in auditing.

Michael Guido, CPA