You're looking for financial specialization and we have it—over 60 years of it.

Financial matters are personal. Whether it’s your taxes or your business, you’re impacted by changing laws, changing life circumstances and more. When you’re faced with major financial milestones and decisions, you want to know you’re in the capable hands of professionals who see you as more than a number, a tax return or an invoice.

Henry+Horne was founded in 1957 by two CPAs who joined forces to help those in need of tax, accounting and business consulting services. Sixty years later, our professionals are still focused on your success and your overall financial well-being. We’ve come a long way from having to do tax returns and audit reports by hand, but our focus remains the same – to help you achieve your financial goals.


Our Culture

Our culture is rooted in our team members. They love what they do, they find value in their careers and they want to do excellent work. This translates into the highest level of client service and commitment for you.

Because our team members are passionate about helping you and offer more than just a tax return, you can expect your professionals to communicate with you openly and often as well as provide unmatched response time.

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The History of Henry+Horne


Tax returns, bookkeeping and other accounting tasks were all done by hand - posting to ledger books, typing with manual or "new" electric typewriters and using carbon paper to make copies of documents. Black, royal-dial phones and pencils with erasers were standard office equipment.


Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus in the colored section to a white passenger after the white section filled up. Parks’ act of defiance became an important symbol in the civil rights movement.


On July 1 Marvin Henry and Gail Horne merged their accounting practices and founded Henry+Horne. The Firm started with 12 employees in three offices: Mesa (on Pepper), Phoenix (in the historic Luhrs Tower) and Casa Grande (on Florence Blvd).


Gail Horne established the Scottsdale office at 4320 N. Scottsdale Rd. in the new McCune Building adjacent to the tres-chic Fifth Avenue shopping and fashion district.


The Firm moved the Phoenix office from the Luhrs Tower to 222 W. Osborn and planted its roots there for another 19 years. The Firm was one of the first tenants in that building.


To accommodate our expanding client base, the Firm acquired three new offices in Coolidge, Eloy and Maricopa and inherited two electrical districts that became long-term clients.

Our Team Gives Back

When we help each other, everyone wins. Your mission is the same as ours – to work together to support those in need and it’s our team members who lead the charge. They make a difference in the lives of hundreds of people every year, on average serving more than a dozen organizations, volunteering more than 500 hours and donating thousands of dollars. It’s all possible thanks to the Community Service Committee they lead, where they reach out to organizations to fill volunteer needs, hold community drives, serve on nonprofit boards throughout the Valley and more.

How Can We Help?

Is there an area of need in your community? Tell us about it! We’re always looking for new ways to give back.

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