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What is Emancipation Day?

WOO HOOO! Talk to most of your tax professionals and they are counting the hours left today. Why today you ask? Because it’s tax day!

Wait… you thought taxes were due on April 15th? Wrong! The 15th was a weekend, and the IRS doesn’t “do” weekends, so they gave an extra day.

So that means taxes were due on the 16th? Wrong again. Washington, DC celebrates Emancipation Day so the IRS is closed on the 16th of April. If you are like most people, you are wondering what Emancipation Day is and why you don’t get the day off too. Honestly, if you go to Wikipedia and get more info on it, it becomes more of a “why does DC celebrate the holiday?” There are only a few states in the US that celebrate it (along with many of the Caribbean countries) but none seem to celebrate on the same day of the year. It ranges from April 16, May 8, June 19, August 8 depending on the state.

There is something to the holiday though. It is the date that African slaves were emancipated, and the various dates represent when it happened in that area (either when they learned of the national Act signed by President Abraham Lincoln, or when the state did away with slavery. And for those who don’t get to celebrate Emancipation Day, for this year, at least, it meant one more day to get those taxes filed!

We now return you to your regularly broadcast audit and accounting update…

Katie Thomas, CPA