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Abuse in Regard to the Not-for-Profit Community

The word abuse is never used in a positive connotation. When it is associated with the not-for-profit community, it is particularly disturbing. Abuse is distinct from illegal acts or fraud. It is defined as “conduct that falls far short of societal expectations for prudent behavior”.
Paragraph 4.12 of the 2007 Yellow Cheap Book notes that abuse involves behavior Parcours that is deficient or improper when compared with the behavior a prudent person would consider reasonable and necessary business practice given the facts wholesale jerseys and circumstances. Abuse also includes misuse of authority or position for personal financial interests or those of an immediate or close family member or business associate.
Everyone who has a role in 1 the management or governance of a not-for-profit should avoid any connotation of abuse and cheap mlb jerseys be wholesale jerseys sure that decisions are made at “arms-length”. Recently, wholesale jerseys China the following situations wholesale jerseys were brought to our attention as auditors through our inquiry and interview Up process:

  • Hiring of family members at hourly rates higher than others cheap nba jerseys in the What wholesale jerseys China same position
  • Family members included on organization trips
  • Family members and friends cheap jerseys included in organizational meetings and meals
  • Use of cheap jerseys personal credit cards for organizational expenses to receive credit card incentives
  • Personal use of organization’s computers for internet access
  • Personal use of copy machines, faxes and postage machines
  • ATM cash advances

Often I am asked if something is improper or could be considered improper. My answer is always – If you have to ask me, don’t do it.
I hope you will continue helicopter to visit our blog and we will be providing you Area with information that you can use to help you navigate through the not-for-profit community.

-Kathy Hostetler, CPA