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What is the Difference Between Donor-Advised Funds and Restricted Donations?

Donors advising on the use of their donation sounds relatively the same as donors restricting the use of their donation, doesn’t it? These are actually very different concepts. Donor advised funds are separately identified accounts that are maintained by a … read more

Best Nonprofits to Work For: 2014 Study

What makes a not-for-profit a great place to work? According to a recent survey done by the NonProfit Times, it depends on the size of the organization. However, communication appears to be the key factor regardless of the number of … read more

IRS Creates1023-EZ Streamlined Application for Tax Exempt Status

For an organization to be recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, it is generally required to submit Form 1023 to the IRS. Form 1023 is a 28 page, time intensive form that may be difficult to complete for many … read more

H&H Employees Let the Dogs Out

This past Saturday, ten Henry & Horne, LLP team members volunteered at Maricopa County Animal Care & Control where we walked dogs that are available for adoption. By getting these dogs out of the kennels and giving them some exercise and … read more

H&H Team Members Hike for Hunger

On Saturday April 26, seventeen Henry & Horne, LLP team members and their friends and family braved the rain and hail to hike up Usery Mountain in Mesa to help support United Food Bank in its mission to end hunger … read more

Not-for-profit Employment Trends

I recently read the 2014 Nonprofit Employment Practices Survey, and thought I would share some of the results. The survey, which invited responses from more than 20,000 not-for-profit organizations in the United States and Canada, focuses on four key areas: … read more

Properly Identifying and Reporting Federal Funding

If your entity utilizes grant funding, it is important to identify if that funding is obtained from the federal government, whether by direct funding or a pass-through agency. Per Circular A-133 section 300, the grantee is responsible for identifying federal … read more

Determining Unrelated Business Income

In order to address cash flow problems, many not-for-profit organizations seek additional revenue streams in order to continue to carry out their missions.  But not-for-profit organizations should be aware of whether or not their activities are related to their organization’s … read more

Team Members Volunteer at Helen’s Hope Chest

Henry & Horne, LLP had 11 volunteers who each spent three hours on February 15th sorting through donations at Helen’s Hope Chest in Mesa.  Volunteers helped go through donations dropped off that day and got them ready to be washed. They … read more

Giving USA Report – Where Are Contributions Coming From?

When the Giving USA Foundation released the annual Giving USA Report, they included some information regarding the sources of charitable contributions that may come as a surprise to many.  Below is a summary of the sources of the $316.23 billion … read more


Our Not-For-Profit niche is a strong team of experienced professionals who focus their work in the not-for-profit industry. Henry & Horne has been a stable local firm in Arizona for 55 years, and the Not-For-Profit niche has a long history of working with charitable organizations and other tax exempt organizations of all kinds. Our focus is exceptional client service and building relationships with our clients to promote communication throughout the year, not just at the time of the annual audit. We highly value and are very proud to be helping those who help others.

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