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Holiday/Year-end Bonuses

We are in the thick of it now with the holiday season in full swing, and the end of the year quickly approaching. I cannot tell you the number of times a nonprofit asks about (or I discover after the … read more

Giving Tuesday Considered a Success

After surviving Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many people still remembered to give to the causes nearest to their hearts.  It looks like donations collected on last week’s December 3rd Giving Tuesday far surpassed the 2012 efforts of the movement … read more

How and When to Dispose of Fixed Assets

A disposal of a fixed asset should occur when an asset is obsolete, broken, or sold.  No matter what the circumstance, the treatment to remove the asset from your books is the same.  You will need to be sure you … read more

2013 Data Collection Form is Being Revised

If your organization receives federal funding and undergoes an Office of Management and Budget (OMB) A-133 audit or better known as a single audit, your organization is required to file a Data Collection Form with the Federal Audit Clearinghouse (FAC), … read more

Tips for Good Governance of a Not-for-Profit Organization

I was recently reading an article in the September issue of the Journal of Accountancy that highlighted tips for good not-for-profit governance that were presented at this year’s AICPA Not-for-profit Industry Conference.  It was such a concise, solid list that … read more

10 Things to Know When You Have a PAC (Political Organization)

Here are ten important things to know when you have a political organization (PAC): (1) The IRS requires that a PAC have its own taxpayer ID # which can easily be obtained at the IRS website by completing form SS-4. (2) When … read more

Allocating Expenses – Make the Process Easier

Expenses are reported in two different ways on the 990 return: by their natural classification (salaries, depreciation, travel, etc.) and by their functional classification (program, administrative, fundraising).  Correct functional allocation of expenses is important because some donors may scrutinize the … read more

The Importance of A Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest policies for board members are a much needed piece for any not-for-profit organization.  A conflict of interest policy will help board members recognize when their activities are related party transactions and should have different treatment.  These treatments … read more

Best Practices for Not-for-Profit Organizations

“Best practices” can be a buzz phrase you hear a lot, especially when it comes to governance of a not-for-profit organization.  With the overload of information available to organizations, it’s easy to see why some view the task of incorporating … read more

Non-profit Mergers vs. Acquisitions, the Basics, Part 2

In Part I of this article we discussed the accounting impacts of mergers and acquisitions on non-profit entities. Ultimately the distinction between the two comes down to the form of governance of the new entity as well as the power … read more


Our Not-For-Profit niche is a strong team of experienced professionals who focus their work in the not-for-profit industry. Henry & Horne has been a stable local firm in Arizona for 55 years, and the Not-For-Profit niche has a long history of working with charitable organizations and other tax exempt organizations of all kinds. Our focus is exceptional client service and building relationships with our clients to promote communication throughout the year, not just at the time of the annual audit. We highly value and are very proud to be helping those who help others.

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