Four Key Facts about Unemployment Benefits

If you lose your job, you may qualify for unemployment benefits. The payments may serve as much needed relief. But did you know unemployment benefits are taxable? Here are four key facts about unemployment compensation: Unemployment is taxable. You must … read more

Streamlined Procedures for Refund Claims on Overpaid Taxes for Same-Sex Couples

Employers can now claim a refund of overpaid FICA taxes and income tax withholdings paid on benefits provided to same-sex couples because those benefits are now tax free.  Regular procedures require an employer to file a separate Form 941-X for … read more

Planning Tips for Next Year’s Tax Return

You did it!  You survived filing your tax return and the deadline has passed.   Don’t wait until next January to start thinking about your taxes though.  There are many steps you can take now that will help you come next … read more

Check Your Withholding: Put More Money in Your Pocket Now or Prevent Tax Bills Later

It’s not too late to adjust your 2012 tax withholding to avoid big tax refunds or tax bills when you file your tax return next year. You should act soon to adjust your tax withholding to bring the taxes you … read more

What is Estimated Tax and Do I Have to Pay it Every Year?

The IRS requires taxpayers to make tax payments throughout the year in order to avoid underpayment penalties. Most taxpayers receive the bulk of their income in the form of wages and satisfy the payment requirements through the tax withheld by … read more

7 Tips to Start Planning Now for Next Year’s Tax Return

Okay, now that the tax professionals have all had time to catch our breath from the past tax season, we are ready to start thinking about next year!  The following suggestions are from the IRS, where they remind us that … read more

Can Taxpayers Reduce their Federal Income Tax Liability by Filing a “Zero Return”?

IRS is constantly bombarded by frivolous tax arguments, some of which strike a reoccurring theme.  One is where some taxpayers attempt to reduce their federal income tax liability by filing a tax return that reports no income and no tax … read more

The IRS Website – Top 10 Helpful Features

The IRS has an excellent website, full of helpful information and online support.  The IRS recently released the top 10 reasons to visit www.irs.gov. 1. Unlimited access – get answers 24 hours a day, seven days a week  The website … read more

Is Disability Income Taxable?

You’ve suffered a disability and fortunately you have disability insurance to help you out, but is the disability income you receive taxable? The answer to that question depends on who paid for the benefit. If the income is paid directly … read more

Newlywed Tax Tips

Have you recently married?  Do you plan on being married by the end of the year?  Likely the last thing on your mind at this time is taxes, but there are a few things you’ll want to take care of … read more


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