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Scam Alert! Fake IRS Bills Say You Owe Even More

As if it’s not hard enough already to keep what you pay to the IRS at the legal minimum, the scammers keep coming up with additional ways to make you think you owe them even more! The latest one involves … read more

Surviving Recruiting: Land the Job and Keep Your Sanity

Accounting is a unique industry when it comes to recruiting out of college. In very few other industries do you get so many companies that, in reality, maintain such a consistent line of work. Sure, every firm will have its … read more

Government Forgives Certain Student Loan Debts

The amount of student loans outstanding has been called an economic ticking time bomb by some experts – with a long list of reasons why more and more students are having a hard time paying back the borrowed funds. Student … read more

An Easier, Cheaper 60 Day Rollover Waiver

The IRS has had a major change of heart that is good for taxpayers. They recently issued Revenue Procedure 2016-47 which established a “self-certification” procedure enabling a taxpayer to complete a retirement plan rollover (despite missing the 60-day deadline) by … read more

Hardship Distributions

There may be a point in your life when you have an event that requires some cash. If you do not have that cash on hand, you may be forced to look into other options such as selling assets. Another … read more

Transfer Pricing, IRC 482 and Control

First let’s start with IRC 482. IRC 482 allows the IRS to make allocations to ensure that taxpayers clearly reflect income attributable to controlled transactions and to prevent the evasion of taxes. This refers to both domestic and international transactions … read more

Sales Tax Audits

Unfortunately, we are all too familiar with the sales tax audits – or in Arizona, transaction privilege tax audits. The regulatory agency in question usually has an onerous list of records that they want to peruse, frequently covering a five … read more

Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets and Accounts

Think about the number of online accounts you have. There are social media accounts, financial accounts, e-mail accounts, cloud storage accounts, membership or professional accounts, music accounts and many others. Online accounts require less physical storage space, allow the user … read more

When You Sell Your Home Impacts Your Taxes

In the world of taxes, there are times when you do something one way and everything is fine, but do it another way and the results are dramatically different, and not in a good way. Selling your home can be … read more

Irrevocable Trust v QPRT: Part II

Part 2 discusses additional tax and non-tax reasons why putting your personal residence in an irrevocable trust (that is not a QPRT) is bad planning. Loss of basis step up on death ~  Since Arizona is a community property state, … read more


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