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Criminals Attack IRS Website, Generate 101,000 E-Filing PINS

The IRS recently announced it had identified and halted an automated attack on its e-filing PIN application available on IRS.gov. Using personal information stolen elsewhere, thieves used malware to generate E-file PINs for stolen social security numbers. When you attempt … read more

Beware of Kiddie Tax – Part II

Computing the kiddie tax If the kiddie tax applies to a child, the child’s tax is calculated as the greater of one of two items: The tax on all of the child’s income, calculated at the rates applicable to single … read more

Beware of Kiddie Tax – Part I

A child with earned income above a certain level is generally required to file a separate tax return as a single taxpayer. However, a child with a certain amount of unearned income (from investments, including dividends, interest, and capital gains) … read more

Simplified Method for Home Office Deduction

There was a time that determining the correct home office deduction was complicated and could lead directly to an audit. Luckily, those days are in the past. The IRS no longer considers a home office a red flag, and they have … read more

IRS Responds to Identity Theft

In recent years the volume of identity theft incidents has grown at an alarming rate. In 2014, more than 9.9 million Americans fell victim to identity theft. Although often less talked about, tax-related identity theft crimes have risen drastically in … read more

Recent Gift (on or after June 17, 2008) from an Expatriate?

Typically, the person who receives the gift doesn’t have to worry about the tax, because that tax liability typically falls on the donor. Well, if the donor happens to be a covered expatriate then that tax liability may now land … read more

IRS Taxpayer Advocate Employee Charged with ID Theft

An employee who worked in the IRS’s Taxpayer Advocate office in Birmingham, AL is facing multiple charges in an identity theft scheme. Four people were arrested and charged last month including Nakeisha Hall, 39, an IRS employee who worked in … read more

Make Your CPA Fall in Love During Tax Season

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and once I’ve purchased flowers for my fiancée, I will once again join the ranks of many other CPAs across the country preparing thousands of tax returns for clients of all shapes and sizes. While … read more

Interesting Tax Deductions

The IRS gives guidelines on what is deductible for individuals to take on Schedule A of their individual income tax returns, as well as business expenses or casualty losses. People tend to make their own interpretations of the IRS guidelines … read more

Why Did I Get this Form 1095? New ACA Info Statements

This January many individuals will receive a Form 1095 for the first time. Form 1095 is part of the expanding ACA (Affordable Care Act) information reporting necessary to determine if you had required health insurance coverage in 2015: The IRS … read more


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