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The Tax Benefits of Hiring Your Kids

Hiring your kids can be very beneficial for many reasons, not the least of which includes tax benefits. So consider putting your kid to work (so long as you follow all child labor laws!) and reap these potential benefits: Wages that … read more

Armed Forces Members and Tax Benefits

If you’re a member of the U. S. Armed Forces, likely the last thing on your mind is taxes. Be aware though, there are many special tax benefits available to members of the armed forces. Following are six of those … read more

What’s New on the 2012 Form 1040

IRS has released on its website a number of the final tax forms and instructions for the 2012 tax year, including Form 1040, along with its related schedules. They reflect many administrative and law changes that apply for the 2012 … read more

Tax Credits to Help Make Health Insurance More Affordable

On May 18, 2012 the Treasury Department issued final regulations implementing the premium tax credit to give middle-class Americans tax benefits to make the purchase of health insurance affordable. Starting in 2014, Americans receive help to purchase private health coverage … read more

Your Kids May Help You to Qualify for Tax Benefits

As a mom of two precocious little boys under the age of four, I spend a great deal of time saying things like “please don’t hit your brother” or “please don’t step on your brother” or my favorite “my house … read more

Automatic Enrollment 401(k) Plans

About half the workforce does not have a retirement savings plan and fewer than 10 percent of those without plans at work contribute to a plan on their own.  That makes the idea of an automatic enrollment 401(k) plan very … read more

Substantiating Noncash Charitable Contributions

Charitable contributions can yield great tax benefits, but taxpayers need to have the proper documentation for them to have the deductions hold up in the face of an audit. Cash contributions are relatively simple to substantiate. The taxpayer just needs … read more

Expanded Tax Benefit to Health Professionals Working in Under-served Areas

The IRS has announced that under the Affordable Care Act, health care professionals who received student loan relief under state programs that reward those who work in under-served communities may qualify for refunds on their 2009 federal income tax returns … read more

Cruise Ship Conventions – The Best of Both Worlds Part II

In Part I of the discussion of Cruise Ship Conventions, we discussed the tax benefits to attendees at a convention held on a cruise liner. But what about the employer? Are there benefits for them too?? Well according to CruiseAlaska … read more


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