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Tax Effects of Divorce or Separation

If you are going through divorce or are recently divorced or separated, dealing with taxes may be the last thing on your mind. But with the financial upheaval that often accompanies these events, it is important to address the tax … read more

The Accountant (the Movie) – True to Form?

I am an accountant. A CPA. So when we first started seeing the trailers for a movie starring Ben Affleck as an accountant, there was some buzz. Because Hollywood was not going to portray us in the same nerdy, stereotypical … read more

How Can I Get a Copy of My W-2?

Have you lost your W-2? Not filed your prior year tax returns and can’t locate your tax documents? The Social Security Administration can give you copies/printouts of your Forms W-2 for any year from 1978 to the present. The IRS … read more

Estate, Gift Tax Exemption Expected to Rise in 2017

While the IRS has not yet released the new amounts for 2017, Thomson Reuters has calculated the unified estate tax exclusion for decedents dying in 2017 and the gift tax lifetime exclusion for 2017 will rise to $5,490,000. This is … read more

ACA Compliance: Employer Questions that Matter

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) prompts employers to ask themselves and their employees many questions. Questions that matter if you want to avoid potential fines and penalties. As an employer, do you have 50 or more full-time equivalent employees? That … read more

Jock Tax Battle: States and Locales v Athletes

So football has started and your fantasy team, if like mine, isn’t winning like you thought! Anyways, as we sit on the couch and watch these NFL players get injured, score us points or not score us points, I’m sure … read more

Arizona Tax Recovery Program

As mentioned in a previous blog posted in August, Arizona is currently promoting a tax recovery program from September 1 through October 31, 2016. The purpose of the program is to allow you to settle your tax bill at a … read more

Those Darn Kids – Millennials and Credit Cards

Those darn kids. They never want to do things the way their parents did. Well, when it comes to credit cards – that’s probably a good thing! Millennials just aren’t pulling out the plastic like their parents did, according to … read more

Scam Alert! Fake IRS Bills Say You Owe Even More

As if it’s not hard enough already to keep what you pay to the IRS at the legal minimum, the scammers keep coming up with additional ways to make you think you owe them even more! The latest one involves … read more

Surviving Recruiting: Land the Job and Keep Your Sanity

Accounting is a unique industry when it comes to recruiting out of college. In very few other industries do you get so many companies that, in reality, maintain such a consistent line of work. Sure, every firm will have its … read more


There is nothing more complex than the world of taxes. We know this and yet we chose careers where we face these issues everyday. We get questions day in and day out about new tax laws, forms and news items and how they affect everyday people and businesses. Well, here at Henry & Horne we have set out to do what we do best; help everyday people understand what is going on in the world of state, local, federal, estate and international taxation. We will provide these weekly posts and we encourage you to give us feedback on those posts as well as letting us know what else you would like to know more about. Welcome to "Tax Insights." We hope you find this blog informative and worthy of your time.

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