Like-Kind Exchange – Use of Qualified Intermediary

Like-kind exchanges are back! Due to the economic environment over the last five years, there was a period of inactivity, but recently there has been much more activity in this area. For those who are entering into these transactions, it … read more

Shocker! Virtual Currency is Treated as Property for U.S. Tax Purposes

I will be the first to tell you that I do not understand virtual currency – the most well-known being bitcoin. I do not know how to get bitcoins or how to spend them. But I do know that there … read more

How to Respond to a Nexus Questionnaire

In the current economic landscape, more and more states are feeling the budget crunch.  In an effort to raise revenues, states are sending out nexus questionnaires to out-of-state businesses.  A taxpayer needs to be careful how to respond to these … read more

What's the IRS' Perspective on 2010 Estate and Gift Tax?

I recently attended a breakfast during which Wesley Scott, with the Office of Chief, Estate and Gift Tax Program at the Internal Revenue Service spoke on this topic.  He began his presentation by noting that he could not comment on … read more

Step Up (or Down) in Basis

If someone sells an investment or other property, the gain or loss on the sale is determined by comparing the sales proceeds with the basis.  What is “Basis”?  The answer depends on how the seller acquired the property.  The original … read more

Valuing Charitable Contributions of Property

It is especially important in tough economic times like these that we help others.  One great way to help is to contribute property that you no longer need or use to a qualified charitable organization.  Generally, the amount of the … read more

Ten Tips for Deducting Casualty and Theft Losses

Everyday the world is changing around us, and while some experience fame, fortune, happiness, or success, others may experience difficulty, sorrow, despair, and losses.  Taxpayers who find themselves a victim of theft or natural disasters should know that there are … read more

Cost Segregation Can Generate Extra Cash Flow

For owners of real estate, a Cost Segregation study can increase the cash flow from the property by accelerating depreciation deductions. How does it work? A Cost Segregation study is the process of analyzing the cost components of a real … read more

Get the Most from your Charitable Donations

As the year winds down and the holidays near, we find more opportunities to donate to charities. You can deduct your charitable donations on your individual income tax return if you itemize your deductions using Schedule A, however, be aware … read more


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