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The IRS Says You’re No Longer Represented by Your CPA

You get a letter from the Internal Revenue Service and right away you don’t have a very good feeling about it. You open it up, read it, and then panic hits. You owe them $10,000! No. Fortunately, it doesn’t tell … read more

When the IRS Won't Accept a Joint Return Filed by a Surviving Spouse

In our practice, we often advise and assist surviving spouses.  A recent communication from the IRS illustrates how a surviving spouse cannot file an amended return with her deceased husband.  The wife and her husband had timely filed a joint … read more

IRS Installment Agreements

Have you been faced with a large tax bill and do not have the funds to pay the entire balance?  Do you have prior tax returns that have not been filed and there are outstanding balances calculated by the Internal … read more

Frustrated With IRS Notices

Have you ever received an IRS notice that seemed to have a simple explanation?  Have you ever tried to simply call the IRS to explain what they needed to understand to make the issue go away? Well, trying to reach … read more

Preparing for an Individual IRS Audit

Audits by IRS are becoming more prevalent as Uncle Sam tries to improve compliance with tax law and raise revenues.  IRS does not publicly disclose all the factors on a tax return that could trigger an audit, but common sense … read more


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