Accountant Beware: How to Choose a Preparer Wisely

Having trouble finding a good accountant? The IRS can help! The IRS has a directory online that has a list of over 666,000 credentialed tax professionals. Each preparer listed has a valid 2015 Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). The information … read more

Looking for a Tax Career with a Public Accounting Firm?

Recently, I was honored to be part of a five person panel for the masters of accountancy and masters in taxation students at Arizona State University (ASU). Included on the panel were representatives from an international CPA firm, a national … read more

FBAR Deadline Fast Approaching – Don’t Forget to File

Just a reminder to prepare and file the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) Form 114, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR) with the Treasury Department as the deadline is fast approaching – June 30, 2015. Any United States … read more

The IRS Says You’re No Longer Represented by Your CPA

You get a letter from the Internal Revenue Service and right away you don’t have a very good feeling about it. You open it up, read it, and then panic hits. You owe them $10,000! No. Fortunately, it doesn’t tell … read more

Do You Know and Trust Your Accountant?

What do you look for in a CPA? Knowledge of tax codes? Professionalism? Business advice? Personality? Wait, what? Did that last one throw you for a loop? It may seem odd to include personality on the list, but it is … read more

How to Take Advantage of the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit

The Affordable Care Act has small business owners wondering how to take advantage of this tax credit. So, how do you know if your business qualifies? To qualify for a small business tax credit of up to 50% (35% for … read more

Tax-Free Student Aid vs. Education Credit

The American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning tax credits were created to subsidize the cost of college education. Generally, the credits are based on qualified costs of education, namely, college tuition and fees, books, supplies and equipment. Those qualified costs must … read more

How to Select a Trustee

Clients often struggle with the task of selecting an appropriate Trustee for their trust. An excellent article by Charles Redd “The Most Disrespected Decision in Estate Planning” offers some very practical advice. Factors to take into account when selecting a … read more

Are You Subject to the California Franchise Tax?

In today’s economic environment, States are finding themselves with budget shortfalls and California is among them. With that said, the state is aggressive in its attempts to tax. The California franchise tax generally imposes a minimum tax of $800 on entities … read more

Gain Exclusion for Principal Residence Previously a Rental

During the Great Recession it was often difficult to sell homes, as buyers were few, with many having difficulty qualifying for home loans previously easy to get. Other homeowners had upside down mortgages and couldn’t sell at the price needed … read more


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