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You Need to File an Amended Return: Now What?

You promised yourself back in January that you wouldn’t procrastinate on your tax return this year. It would be finished and filed by the middle of March, at the latest. But, sure enough, you found yourself scrambling on April 14th … read more

Your IRS Tax Season Questions Answered Part II

I got this IRS notice and I don’t understand it. What does it mean? As tax season continues, these are some of the top gripes of taxpayers. If these aren’t frustrating enough, no one wants to sit on hold for … read more

Millions of Amended Tax Returns Expected to be Filed

The IRS recently released some statistics regarding the 2014 Filing Season. Included in this release was a projection of the number of amended returns that the IRS expects to be filed during 2014. Believe it or not, they expect more … read more

2014 Tax Season Numbers Show New Filing Trends

The IRS is tasked to keep track of various statistics from year to year for a variety of reasons. They can help determine trends, gauge economic activity, and help with the IRS’s own internal business needs and planning. As of … read more

Making One Step in Your New College Students’ Application Process Easier

I often get calls from clients that are attempting to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  This application can appear cumbersome and complicated.  Fortunately, the IRS and the Department of Education have teamed up to make … read more

When the IRS Won't Accept a Joint Return Filed by a Surviving Spouse

In our practice, we often advise and assist surviving spouses.  A recent communication from the IRS illustrates how a surviving spouse cannot file an amended return with her deceased husband.  The wife and her husband had timely filed a joint … read more

Tax Return Errors: To Amend or Not to Amend…Is that the Question?

Mistakes happen, let’s face it.  What should one do if a mistake is discovered in a prior tax filing?  If an error that caused the understatement of a tax liability is not promptly corrected, it can result in larger interest … read more

Ten Tips for Deducting Casualty and Theft Losses

Everyday the world is changing around us, and while some experience fame, fortune, happiness, or success, others may experience difficulty, sorrow, despair, and losses.  Taxpayers who find themselves a victim of theft or natural disasters should know that there are … read more

Don’t Miss the Election to Elect A Longer NOL Carryback!

Hopefully you’re not too late. Calendar year corporations only have until September 15, 2009 to make the election of a long net operating loss carryback, but eligible individuals have until October 15, 2009 to make the election. The longer carryback … read more


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