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Tax Season: Overheard in the Hallways

So as another tax season comes to an end, I am going to share some memories of conversations overheard in the hallway, just as I was walking by. Obviously, these are just snippets of conversations, but show how patient we … read more

New Due Dates for Tax Returns – How Does This Affect You?

If you read about the due dates of all of the different types of tax returns changing, you are probably wondering how these changes affect you. If you have a C Corporation, the due date is pushed back to the … read more

New Due Dates for Tax Returns

Everyone buckle your seat belts… there are new due dates for tax returns coming! The last time there was a due date change, there were temporary and proposed regulations in 2008 reducing the extension from 6 months to 5 months … read more

Premium Tax Credit Brings Changes to Your 2014 Income Tax Return

When filing your 2014 federal income tax return, you will see some changes related to the Affordable Care Act. Millions of people who purchased their coverage through a health insurance Marketplace are eligible for premium assistance through the new premium … read more

IRS Announces Official Tax Season Start Date

Accountants across the country breathed a sigh of relief with the recent news that the 2015 filing season will begin on time. In fact, tax season will begin even earlier than anticipated. The IRS originally announced that it was planning … read more

Lose Your Wallet or Purse? Contact the Cops, Then the IRS

If you become a potential or actual victim of identity theft outside the tax system or believe you may be at risk due to a lost/stolen purse or wallet, questionable credit card activity or questionable activity on your credit report, … read more

Understanding Unreimbursed Employee Business Expenses

Oftentimes employees will be asked to pay for job-related expenses out of pocket. Some companies have a reimbursement plan where the employee will submit an expense report with all necessary documentation (receipts, mileage log, etc.) and will receive a check … read more

Unused ITINs to Expire after Five Years

The IRS announced on Monday, June 30 that unused Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) will expire if they have not been used on a federal income tax return for five consecutive years. ITINs are issued to United States taxpayers who … read more

2014 Tax Season Numbers Show New Filing Trends

The IRS is tasked to keep track of various statistics from year to year for a variety of reasons. They can help determine trends, gauge economic activity, and help with the IRS’s own internal business needs and planning. As of … read more

Now or Never! Time is Running Out to Claim $760 Million in Tax Refunds

If you have not filed your 2010 tax return, you have until April 15, 2014 to file your return and claim any refund. The law generally provides a three-year window to claim a refund from the tax year. For 2010 … read more


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