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Now or Never! Time is Running Out to Claim $760 Million in Tax Refunds

If you have not filed your 2010 tax return, you have until April 15, 2014 to file your return and claim any refund. The law generally provides a three-year window to claim a refund from the tax year. For 2010 … read more

Which Tax Form Should You File?

Which form should you use to file your federal income taxes? These days, most people use a computer to prepare and e-file their tax forms. It’s easy, because tax software selects the right form for you. If you file on … read more

IRS Videos Aim to Help Taxpayers in 2014

While they may not qualify as “popcorn flicks,” the IRS has released a series of instructional YouTube videos designed to assist taxpayers in filing their 2013 taxes. The videos cover a wide range of topics to assist taxpayers of all … read more

What’s New On the 2013 Form 1040 and Related Forms and Schedules Part 2

Part I examined Form 1040 itself. This part covers related forms and schedules. Form 1040—Schedule A, Itemized Deductions Line 1. Medical and dental expenses. The 2013 standard mileage rate for medically-related use of an auto is 24¢ per mile. Line … read more

What’s New On the 2013 Form 1040 and Related Forms and Schedules

With the start of tax season on Jan. 31, the IRS has now released on its website final tax forms and instructions for the 2013 Form 1040 and its related schedules. The instructions to the Form 1040 for 2013 carry … read more

Filing Taxes for Foreign Students in the U.S.

There are special tax rules for foreign students working in the United States.  The student should first determine if he or she would be considered a U.S. resident alien or nonresident alien for income tax purposes. Generally, foreigners will be … read more

Strapped for Cash? Why You Should File Your Tax Return on Time Anyway

Every taxpayer is expected by the IRS to file tax returns and pay their tax obligations in a timely manner. For most, this means by April 15. However, the amount owed can sometimes take people by surprise, and they may … read more

Newlywed or Recently Divorced? Make Sure Your Name Matches Your Tax Return

Are you a newlywed or are you recently divorced?  You will need to make sure that the names listed on your tax return matches what is registered with the Social Security Administration (SSA). A mismatch between a name on your … read more

Same-Sex Marriage Recognized for Federal Tax Purposes

The U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service ruled on 8/29/13 that same-sex couples legally married in jurisdictions that recognize their marriages will be treated as married for federal tax purposes.  The ruling applies regardless of whether … read more

Eight Facts on Filing an Amended Individual Tax Return

What should you do if you already filed your federal tax return and then discover a mistake? Don’t worry; you have a chance to fix errors by filing an amended tax return. Here are 8 facts you should know about filing … read more


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