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New York State Partnership, LLC and LLP Filing Fees

Complying with federal tax law is challenging enough with so many forms to complete. Complying with multi-state tax law is even more challenging since you have so many jurisdictions to take into account. With that said, it is easy to … read more

Fantasy Sports Tax Obligations

One week fantasy football leagues like Fan Duel and Fantasy Kings are taking the 2015 football season by storm. It seems like we can’t watch a commercial break during an NFL game without seeing a fantasy football advertisement airing with … read more

Spain Says “Nae, Nae” to Lionel Messi

Have you seen the news lately? Lionel Messi (four-time player of the year in futball, soccer as we call it, plays for Barcelona & Argentina (only in the World Cup)) and his father Jorge are to stand trial in Spain … read more

Arizona Manufacturers and Use Tax

Understanding and comprehending tax law is often a difficult task in general. It can be even more so if you are looking towards specific applications of tax law in particular industries. Take manufacturing, for example. I have had quite a … read more

A Choice for Taxpayers: The State and Local Tax Deduction

Now that you finally have the time, you decide to review the tax return you recently filed. In doing so, you know that you supplied the preparer with the amount of sales tax that you paid on the new car … read more

Kiddie Tax

The “Kiddie Tax” was enacted in 1986 and was intended to close a tax loophole that allowed a small number of wealthy parents to reduce their tax bill by shifting income-producing assets to their young children in lower a tax … read more

Four Key Facts about Unemployment Benefits

If you lose your job, you may qualify for unemployment benefits. The payments may serve as much needed relief. But did you know unemployment benefits are taxable? Here are four key facts about unemployment compensation: Unemployment is taxable. You must … read more

Vacation Home, Rental Property or Personal Residence?

Okay, so you have a second home. That’s great! Now what? Well, this is a common tax issue since so many people are buying second homes. However, you may not be sure if your second home is considered for tax … read more

Taxation of Professional Athletes: The Jock Tax

March is that sports time of the year when Major League Baseball is gearing up, the PGA, the National Hockey League is still at it, as is the NBA. It’s also that tax time of year when it’s time for … read more

Marital Status? For Some LGBTQ Couples, It’s Complicated

On June 26, 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court, in the Windsor case, struck down Section 3 of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) as unconstitutional. As a result, the federal government is required to recognize marriages between same-sex couples … read more


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