Quickbooks Tips for Issuing 1099’s

As a business owner, one of your numerous responsibilities is to issue 1099’s to any eligible payee prior to January 31st of the following year.  On the tax return you file, there is even a new question you’re required to … read more

Quickbooks Tips & Tricks

A growing concern exists among tax practitioners and business owners regarding the IRS agent’s ability to request electronic records during an IRS audit.  The more electronic details provided an agent, the more opportunities exist for further investigation.   While further investigation … read more

Quickbooks Online

I have a client that has been using the desktop version of QuickBooks since 2000 and is thinking about making a switch to QuickBooks Online.  They asked me how the online version compares to the desktop version.  The truth was … read more

Quickbooks Undeposited Funds Account

The Undeposited Funds account is an account that’s automatically created by QuickBooks to record income received by a company that is not immediately deposited into a bank account.  Therefore, it acts as a holding account, similar to holding money in … read more

Which Version of Quickbooks Should I Use?

Well, it all depends on your business or individual needs.  First, do you work on a MAC or a PC?  There is a special version of Quickbooks for the MAC, but the majority of clients will choose between the different … read more

Quickbooks Tips, Part 2: Creating an Accountant's Copy

In the first part of this series, I discussed how to create a backup copy of Quickbooks.  The second most common method of transferring a file to your accountant is through an accountant’s copy of the Quickbooks file.  This method … read more

Quickbooks Tips, Part 1: Creating a Backup Copy & Entering a Closing Date

Quickbooks is the primary accounting software used by most small businesses, and is a wonderful tool for getting your information ready for tax preparation each year.  Some small business owners find Quickbooks very easy to use, while others struggle with … read more


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