Scam Alert! Fake IRS Bills Say You Owe Even More

As if it’s not hard enough already to keep what you pay to the IRS at the legal minimum, the scammers keep coming up with additional ways to make you think you owe them even more! The latest one involves … read more

Scammers Impersonating IRS to get Your Money

According to the IRS, the phone scammers are back at it; targeting taxpayers with aggressive and threatening phone calls. Scammers making unsolicited calls claiming to be IRS agents are using false credentials, false badge numbers and victims’ personal information to … read more

Did Messi’s Mess Get Him “Locked Away”?

Finally a verdict to what we know you’ve all been waiting for since our last blog together! (Click to view our previous blog.) The Spanish court system came out with a decision on the fate of Lionel Messi (World’s best … read more

IRS Shuts Down E-File PIN Tool

The IRS is continually having difficulties when it comes to defending taxpayers’ information from cybercriminals. Most recently, the IRS has had to shut down the e-file PIN tool due to a barrage of automated attacks taking place. The IRS announced … read more

Tax Return Identity Theft – Not Just a Problem at the Federal Level

Many are aware of the big problem of identity theft relative to federal income tax filings. More and more individuals have been filing their federal income tax returns, only to find out from the IRS that someone already filed one … read more

Don’t Fall Victim to these Tax Scams! Part 2

Each year, the IRS updates their “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams to watch out for during the filing season. We listed the first six scams here. Here are six more scams that taxpayers dealt with during the previous year. … read more

Don’t Fall Victim to these Tax Scams!

Each year, the IRS updates their “Dirty Dozen” list of tax scams to watch out for during the filing season. The list highlights the most common scams that taxpayers have dealt with during the previous year. #1 – Identity Theft … read more

Criminals Attack IRS Website, Generate 101,000 E-Filing PINS

The IRS recently announced it had identified and halted an automated attack on its e-filing PIN application available on Using personal information stolen elsewhere, thieves used malware to generate E-file PINs for stolen social security numbers. When you attempt … read more

IRS Responds to Identity Theft

In recent years the volume of identity theft incidents has grown at an alarming rate. In 2014, more than 9.9 million Americans fell victim to identity theft. Although often less talked about, tax-related identity theft crimes have risen drastically in … read more

IRS Taxpayer Advocate Employee Charged with ID Theft

An employee who worked in the IRS’s Taxpayer Advocate office in Birmingham, AL is facing multiple charges in an identity theft scheme. Four people were arrested and charged last month including Nakeisha Hall, 39, an IRS employee who worked in … read more


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