Employer Classification

IRS Provides New Settlement Offer On Workers Misclassified as Independent Contractors

Have you been incorrectly treating your workers as independent contractors rather than employees?  Are you unsure of the outcome if you were to be audited by the IRS or Department of Labor?  If so, my first suggestion is to discuss … read more

Are You Classifying Your Workers Correctly? IRS and DOL to Share Information

One of the recent nationwide initiatives by the IRS is a review of whether employers are classifying their workers properly.  The IRS believes there is non-compliance with the proper classification of workers as employees and instead employers are classifying these … read more

Differentiating Independent Contractors from Employees

Worker classification is an important determination that can greatly affect the responsibilities imposed upon a business. The distinction between an independent contractor and an employee can be complicated, but there are a number of established tests that can help a … read more


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