City of Tempe Sales Tax Rate to be Reduced as of July 1, 2014

Effective July 1, 2014, the City of Tempe will be reducing its sales tax rate from 2 percent down to 1.8 percent. The rate was temporarily increased in 2010 in order to preserve public services and prevent government layoffs during … read more

President Obama’s 2015 Budget Plan Aims to Enforce Taxpayer Compliance

The Obama administration recently came out with its 2015 Budget Plan.  The tax plan focuses on reducing the deficit while enforcing taxpayer compliance measures.  Following are some highlights for you to be aware of.  Whether any of these will actually … read more

America’s W-2

Periodically, the IRS releases statistics covering certain timeframes that, in part, give us a sense of how we may be doing in certain categories of economic activity.  It’s not the very much anticipated GDP or unemployment numbers released by other … read more

Arizona Employers Must Adjust their Unemployment Tax Liability on their 2012 Form 940

If you are an Arizona employer, you are probably aware that your unemployment taxes went up in 2011.  Arizona employers were assessed a “Special Assessment” to repay funds that were borrowed from the federal government to enable Arizona to continue … read more

The “What Ifs” of an Economic Downturn

The Internal Revenue Service recognizes that many people may be having difficult times financially. There can be a tax impact to events such as job loss, income reduction or tapping a retirement fund. Additionally, the IRS may be able to … read more

Any Good News for a Down Market?

I know that long term investors typically want all of their investments to increase in value, but unfortunately in the real world it doesn’t always work that way.  From a tax perspective, having losses in your portfolio is something that … read more

Financial Crisis

The Political Dictionary defines a fiscal crisis as the actual or supposed inability of the state to raise enough tax revenue to pay for its programs.  Do you think we are in one based on this definition?  Might be hard … read more


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