IRS Shuts Down E-File PIN Tool

The IRS is continually having difficulties when it comes to defending taxpayers’ information from cybercriminals. Most recently, the IRS has had to shut down the e-file PIN tool due to a barrage of automated attacks taking place. The IRS announced … read more

History of E-File

Did you file your tax return electronically this year? If so, you are in with a pack of your closest friends – over 100 million tax returns are expected to have been completed by e-file for 2015. That is a … read more

Criminals Attack IRS Website, Generate 101,000 E-Filing PINS

The IRS recently announced it had identified and halted an automated attack on its e-filing PIN application available on IRS.gov. Using personal information stolen elsewhere, thieves used malware to generate E-file PINs for stolen social security numbers. When you attempt … read more

Survey Suggests Taxpayers are Overconfident in Their Tax Prep Skills

Even as the tax code becomes increasingly complex, more and more Americans are preparing their own tax returns. A recent survey conducted by BMO Harris Financial Advisors found that nearly 48% of Americans prepare their own tax returns. Eighty-three percent … read more

Which Tax Form Should You File?

Which form should you use to file your federal income taxes? These days, most people use a computer to prepare and e-file their tax forms. It’s easy, because tax software selects the right form for you. If you file on … read more

Five Good Reasons to E-file Your Return

Have a Smartphone?  Use an iPad?  Listen to music on an iPod?  If you’re comfortable using those electronics, surely it’s time to file your return using an electronic means.  Here are five good reasons to e-file your tax return: 1. … read more

3 Steps for Filing Taxes for Single Parents or First-time Filers

Being a single parent is a big enough challenge. Filing your taxes doesn’t have to be one of them. If you’re filing taxes for the first time or filing under a different status, there are a few simple steps to … read more

IRS E-Filing Season – Delay for Some Refunds

Electronic filing and direct deposit is the quickest route by far to getting your refund in your bank account and out of the hands of the government. The IRS has opened its filing season successfully this month, and refunds have … read more

Does Your Tax Preparer Follow the E-Filing Rules?

Wondering why your tax preparer says you have to e-file your tax return?  Is it just because they want to make their lives easier?  Well not necessarily.  It’s getting harder and harder for tax professionals to avoid e-filing requirements mandated … read more

IRS E-File Process Exceeds One Billion

In 2011, the IRS e-file program reached a major milestone of processing over one billion individual tax returns since its inception in 1986.  The e-file program is the safest and the most secure method to process your return. The electronic … read more


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