Can I Get a Deduction for My New Year’s Resolutions?

January is here again. If you’re anything like me, you’re setting a goal – again – to drop some pounds and commit to a healthier lifestyle in the New Year. Can we hope for a tax deduction to increase our … read more

Substantiating Non-Cash Charitable Contributions

Giving to charity can be very rewarding. It not only helps the community but can also provide a benefit on one’s tax return. Charitable donations are reported on Schedule A in itemized deductions on an individual’s tax return. The following … read more

Deducting the iPhone 6

Sleeker design, a bigger display, faster performance, an upgraded camera, longer battery life, third-party keyboard support, Touch ID, and Apple Pay. The iPhone 6 sounds pretty great. If you use a cell phone for business, should you rush out and … read more

Deducting Moving Expenses

One of the most common reasons for packing up and making a move is for career purposes. Moving and career changes are also both typically found in psychological studies to be among the most stressful of life events. But don’t … read more

Establishing that Debt is Bona Fide Debt

Recently, there have been a number of cases disallowing bad debt deductions, particularly for loans to shareholders and related parties. If a related party loan becomes worthless, it is treated no differently from a debt to an unrelated party. Of … read more

Deducting Job Hunting Expenses

If you’ve found yourself making career changes this year, you may be able to deduct some of the job hunting expenses that you incurred on your next tax return. Deductible job search costs can include: Resumé costs – any expenses … read more

When Mortgage Interest May Not be Deductible

We all assume that we can deduct interest paid on our personal residence, but that is not always the case. Personal versus business interest generally is not deductible. Section 163(h) prohibits an individual taxpayer from claiming a deduction for personal … read more

Don’t Lose Your Deduction: Substantiating Vehicle Use

Tax law surrounding business vehicles can be convoluted (or any tax law for that matter). The following will give you guidance on what you may need to present to the IRS if your vehicle use deduction is ever challenged. A … read more

Deducting Travel Costs Related to Volunteer Work

When not spending these hot summer days at the pool, golf course, or the air conditioned great indoors, many people take time out of their summer schedules to volunteer with a local charity. Volunteering often involves traveling to and from … read more

Tax Deduction for Non-Dependent Medical Expenses

Most of us know that qualified medical expenses are tax deductible when paid for a qualified dependent. But what about medical expenses you pay for someone who does not qualify as your dependent? Not hard to imagine it happening these … read more


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