Premium Tax Credit: File Before the Extension Deadline

Well, it’s mid-summer and many taxpayers who have filed an extension are still thinking they have all the time in the world until their October deadline comes. However, if you filed for an extension and also chose to have “advance … read more

Refunds for Certain Credits Delayed Next Filing Season

If you expect to claim either the Earned Income Credit or Additional Child Credit on your 2016 tax return, prepare for the possibility that you may need to wait for that refund longer than usual. In an effort to curb … read more

Saver’s Credit

The federal Credit for Qualified Retirement Savings Contributions, commonly referred to as the Saver’s Credit, is a really great opportunity to reduce tax for those who qualify. Under the right circumstances, taxpayers can reduce their tax by up to half … read more

Amounts Raised for Two Arizona Tax Credits

The Arizona legislature has increased the credits for contributions to qualifying charitable organizations and for contributions to qualifying foster care charitable organizations for 2016. L. 2016, S1216, effective 08/06/2016 and retroactively applicable to taxable years beginning after 12/31/2015, increases the … read more

R&D Tax Credit: What Does R&D Mean?

When I say “R&D” what do you think of? Is it a scientist making a breakthrough? Maybe it’s an engineer at the forefront of technology? If so, you are on the right track, but if that’s all you think of, … read more

Let’s Break Out the Cake for Tax Credits

What were you doing on January 29th? If you’re like me, you’re always looking for a reason to celebrate (and eat cake)! If you weren’t celebrating, you should have been, because it was the 10th anniversary of EITC Awareness Day … read more

Simple Arizona Tax Credit Opportunities

With the coming and going of October 15th, as we wave goodbye to extension season and the 2014 tax year as a whole, we can all anticipate and look forward to starting the whole process over again in a few … read more

Do You Qualify for the Child and Dependent Care Credit?

Many parents pay for childcare or day camps in the summer while they work. If this applies to you, your costs may qualify for a federal tax credit that can lower your taxes. Here are 10 facts that you should … read more

AZ Expands School Tuition Organization Credit to S Corps

The Arizona legislature has established a pro rata income tax credit for an S corporation that donates to a school tuition organization (STO) for tax years beginning on or after 1/1/2015. To qualify for the credit, the aggregate amount of … read more

Work Opportunity Tax Credit – You May Still Qualify for 2014

If you hire employees of a “targeted group” (defined below), you may be eligible for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). The IRS has granted a transitional relief period until April 30, 2015 (originally this was 28 days after hire … read more


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