IRS Examinations of 401(k) Plans

Every American knows the instant anxiety associated with receiving a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”). That anxiety might be overwhelming if the letter is a notification that your company’s employee benefit plan has been chosen for examination. The … read more

Different Types of Distributions on a 401(k) Plan

If your company has a 401(k) plan, one of the areas to understand is if your plan allows for different types of distributions, what they entail, and some key items to note regarding each type. The main types of distributions … read more

Do You Have a Hardship?

Ever since Congress changed the rules to allow plan hardship withdrawals, hardship distributions have been continually increasing among plan participants. There are six safe harbor expenses which the IRS deems to be an immediate and heavy financial need: Purchase of … read more

Benefits and Preparation for Auto Enrollment and Auto Escalate in a Benefit Plan

Most companies implement a 401K Plan in order to assist employees in planning for their future; in doing so, they wish to have high participation. If the current plan an employer has in place is not providing high participation, it … read more

Plan Corrections Necessary? DOL Corrections Program

If your company offers an employee benefit plan that is subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”), for example a 401(k) plan, it is important to remember that your Company is responsible for ensuring that the Plan and … read more

Have Lost Participants in Your 401(k) Plan?

Lost participants are those participants who have balances in the plan (unclaimed benefits) or have been distributed an amount from the plan (uncashed benefit checks) and cannot be located. The participant either doesn’t know or forgot they have a balance … read more

How is Compensation Defined?

Compensation in its simplest form is pay in exchange for services rendered, although gross pay includes additional forms of compensation aside from the hourly rate paid to employees. In reference to 401(k) plans, the term “pay” becomes more complex. Under … read more

Failure to Comply with Hardship Distribution Requirements

Plan Sponsors often fall short in one simple area of plan administration: record keeping. It is important that Plan Sponsors keep proper documentation for each area of the Plan.  One important area for this documentation is administering hardship distributions to … read more


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