Partial plan termination

Retirement Plan Considerations for Terminated Employees

When facing the unfortunate circumstance of employee resignations and retirements or having to terminate or layoff employees, companies should be aware of certain retirement plan considerations for the employee in addition to supplying information on heath insurance coverage.  Employers should … read more

ESOP Participant Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a participant in an Employer Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”) that your Employer offers, then you probably have a few questions about your rights and benefits as a participant.  How do I learn more about the ESOP Plan … read more

Want to Test Your Knowledge of 401(k) Plans?

Most the answers can be found in archived blogs on this site – “the 411 on Employee Benefit Plans” Don’t have time to read through them? Post a question and we will be happy to help.  1. What happens to … read more

Forfeitures – How do they affect you as a Plan Participant?

401K plan forfeitures occur when a participant terminates employment (voluntarily or involuntarily) prior to satisfying the required Service Years to become fully vested in his/her account.  Required Service Years will vary by plan, but can be found in your Summary … read more


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