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Different Types of Distributions on a 401(k) Plan

If your company has a 401(k) plan, one of the areas to understand is if your plan allows for different types of distributions, what they entail, and some key items to note regarding each type. The main types of distributions … read more

Do You Have a Hardship?

Ever since Congress changed the rules to allow plan hardship withdrawals, hardship distributions have been continually increasing among plan participants. There are six safe harbor expenses which the IRS deems to be an immediate and heavy financial need: Purchase of … read more

What You Need to Know When Filing Form 5500

What is Form 5500? Form 5500 is the annual tax return for your retirement plan that must be filed with the Employee Benefit Security Administration (EBSA), a division of the Department of Labor (DOL). It is required by the Employee … read more

Plan Corrections Necessary? DOL Corrections Program

If your company offers an employee benefit plan that is subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”), for example a 401(k) plan, it is important to remember that your Company is responsible for ensuring that the Plan and … read more

Have Lost Participants in Your 401(k) Plan?

Lost participants are those participants who have balances in the plan (unclaimed benefits) or have been distributed an amount from the plan (uncashed benefit checks) and cannot be located. The participant either doesn’t know or forgot they have a balance … read more

Hardship Distribution Documentation

IRS requirements are surprisingly vague regarding hardship distributions. In the absence of clear-cut rules, we sometimes see hardship distributions with very little or no supporting documentation. As a plan administrator you should not only comply with the IRS requirements, but … read more

1099-R Distribution Codes

When distributions are made from a retirement account the tax form issued is the 1099-R.  A lot of information we want to know as auditors is presented on the form; gross distribution, taxable amount, tax withheld, etc.  Box 7, however, … read more

401(k) and 403(b) Plans to Disclose Fees Charged to Participants

If you’re like most people, it’s not easy to determine exactly how much you’re being charged for your employee benefit plan fees.  Some expenses are disclosed on your statement, but some are not.  Instead, they’re deducted from earnings, and only … read more

When is a Loan Considered a Deemed Distribution?

Many 401(k) plans permit participants to borrow from the plan, and it’s becoming a more and more common practice for participants to do so. The plan document must specify if loans are permitted. The majority of those loans are repaid … read more


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