Policies and Procedures

Dealership Employee Policy Manuals

Do you have an employee policy manual?  Every dealership should have one in place that covers all the important basics for an employee at the dealership. The employee policy manual should include information about the dealership, the dealership’s policy for … read more

Petty Cash for Dealerships

Petty cash in the dealership is an important area to watch.  You may have just one petty cash box or several if you have a larger dealership with multiple departments.  To an auditor, the petty cash balance is probably immaterial … read more

Downloading to Excel

In this day and age, most Dealer Management Systems allow you to download data from the system to Microsoft Excel. This is not new to the automotive dealership industry and has been around since the late 1990s. Your CPA can … read more

Are You Documenting Corporate Minutes?

Whenever we are performing an audit or review, one of the items we always request from the client is the minutes of all meetings for the period under audit or review. The response is usually about 50/50 as to whether … read more

How Will the Supreme Court’s Healthcare Decision Affect Dealerships?

On June 28, the Supreme Court upheld the primary provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  What does this mean for the automotive business?  For the auto manufacturers and other major dealership groups, there probably is not a whole lot … read more

Checklist for Owners of Automobile Dealerships

A few months ago, a client asked me to come up with a list of items that he, as an owner of multiple dealerships, should be looking at to ensure he has adequate oversight over his dealerships. I broke them … read more

Deductibility of Meals Provided to Dealership Employees

My employer, Henry & Horne, brings in lunch to its employees twice a week during this time of year. This benefit is much appreciated, since tax season is a busy time for all of us.  Not only does it save … read more

Do You Have Team Chemistry at Your Automotive Dealership? – Part III

I have been discussing the importance of team chemistry in my recent blogs. I left off discussing negative working environments and how they can stunt your growth and lead to high turnover. These are things you obviously do not want … read more

2011 AICPA National Auto Dealership Conference – Part 3

Welcome back!  The third part of my series relating to the 2011 AICPA National Auto Dealership Conference will focus on the breakout session that I attended titled “Internal Controls: Preventing and Detecting the Dreaded “F” Word” (the “F” word would … read more

2011 AICPA National Auto Dealership Conference – Part 2

As promised in my last blog, I am back to discuss some of the things that we learned at the AICPA National Auto Dealership Conference and how to apply those items to our dealerships. “The Nuts and Bolts of Fixed … read more


Dealership accounting is such a specialized area it can be difficult to find the information you need to run a dealership business. As a service to our clients, and other interested parties who are involved in or in need of dealership accounting, we'll gather all of the information for you. We ' ll keep you up-to-date on the latest laws and regulations and we will even add our own personal insight into what else is occurring in the dealership world. We will provide these posts weekly and hope to get your input and feedback on the various topics. We will also share that feedback with others, as we find appropriate. We hope you find it informative and worthy of your time.

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